Pipe handling equipment is needed for oil rigs, oil platforms, and oil refineries. You need gear that can move the massive pipes that make this industry go, and you need something that will be reliable for many years to come. It should be chosen for the place where your pipes will be installed, and you may have these devices custom-made for your company when needed.

Why Do You Need Special Equipment?

Pipe handling equipment is used to move large pipes from place to another, to tip up these pipes for a large construction project, or to replace pipes in the system. You can purchase from a large range of gear, and you should work with someone who will let you know how to use each piece of equipment to your advantage.

Which Items Are You Buying?

You are choosing from:

  • Power catwalk
  • Bridge crane racker
  • Vertical racker
  • X-Y racker
  • Tubular vertical to horizontal
  • Stinger

This list helps you understand what you are buying for these things, and you must ensure that you have chosen a device that works best in your situation. There are many situations that you can use each of these devices, and they are explained below.

What Is A Power Catwalk?

A power catwalk is any device that will move the pipes safely from one place to another. In most instances, you are moving pipes to the drill press floor, and you need to know that you can install the catwalk safely. When you buy a power catwalk, you need to find something that is long enough for your facility. Some people have issues with the length of their catwalk because they do not know how long the catwalks are. You can order a catwalk that seems to be the right size for you, or you might choose a catwalk that is custom-made for your facility. When you can get your pipes to the drill press floor safely, you can do much better work.

Bridge Crane Racker

The bridge crane racker has a special clamp that will easily move your pipes from the outside of the drilling area to the center. You get a special safety pin that will help you lock in the pipe, and you should use the bridge crane ranker in tight spaces where you are moving pipes in and out. You can move to the center of the drilling area, but you can also move pipes away from the center of the drilling area.

Vertical Crane Racker

The vertical crane racker uses a mechanical arm to move items up and down in the drilling area. You often need to add pipe as you are drilling, and you can set up the vertical racker to move these items into the drilling area. Most people who are setting up their drilling system need to automate this device so that they can keep the operator free from distraction.

The vertical crane racker has a mechanical arm and safety pin. The mechanical arm will attach to a new pipe quickly move into the drilling area, and add the pipe. You do not need to worry about safely with these devices because they are set up to avoid damage if there is a collision in the drilling area.

The vertical trolley will move up and down the drilling area to quickly put all your pipes in the right place. If you have any questions about how to set up the trolley and arm, you may need to order a custom device. A custom device that you have purchased will fit your rig, help you move at the right pace, and work with the pipes that you use every day.

X-Y Racker

The X-Y racker allows you to set up pipe movement when the rest of the system is offline. The racker is Installed above the derrick, and it has a mechanical arm that can bring pipes into place or move them out of place. This racket is useful when you are moving excess pipe when the system is offline, or you could start feeding the system for testing. If you are buying an X-Y racker, you need to find an operator who can manage this device for you while other vices in the system are doing most of the work.

The X-Y racker supports other items in the site, such as the catwalk and bridge crane racker. You can move pipe in and out of the area with no trouble, and you should ensure that you have found a racker that is the right size for your facility. If you are using an X-Y racker, you can move faster when trying to feed pipe into the drilling area. However, there are some systems that will not work very well when you are using the X-Y racker. Make sure that you can fit this item into your system because they do not always fit.

Tubular Vertical to Horizontal

Drill pipes, collars, and casing can be moved in and out of the drilling area without any trouble at all if you have chosen to use the THV. The THV can move some of these smaller items out of the area and away from the area at the same time. Someone who would like to make their system more efficient should use just this device to get items in and out of the drilling area. If you are using a vertical crane racker, you can feed that racker with this device. However, you need to see if you can fit one of these rockers into your system. Not all oil production system can use a THV.


The Stinger is a fast and automated device that can be used to build up pipes and racks while you are in the process of drilling. You can use the robotic arms to build up any part of the system that you like, and you should use the Stinger when you want to increase production. Someone who is designing a system needs to check the size of the Stinger they have bought, find catwalks and rackets that will work with the Stinger, and ensure that the Stinger is powered properly.

Read And Order Online

You can read and order online easily. There is a lot of information on these devices that you need to see before you make a purchase. Plus, you need to ensure that your items have been ordered for the best price. You can get something that is much cheaper than normal if you are shopping for the right items. No one using all these items at the same time to manage their pipe and drilling area. In stead, you need to choose the devices that best suit your situation.

You can compare prices when you are shopping online, and you need to ensure that you have chosen something that you know you an operate on your own. Someone who is new to buying this equipment might need to write up their entire design before making one of these major purchases.


The pipe equipment that you install in your oil refinery or rig should be used to ensure that you have the very workflow, safety standards, and products. You need to get something that you can automate, and you need to choose devices that make your machines more efficient. You can check out these items online, order them quickly, and start upgrading your drilling system.

Where To Get Custom Equipment

You can try the pipe handling equipment you have found at Entro Industries, or you might want to order custom equipment that is useful for your staff as they work on oil rigs and in refineries.

Entro Industries
3601 NE John Olsen Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 356-8888

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