Pipe handling equipment is needed for oil rigs, oil platforms, and oil refineries. You need gear that can move the massive pipes that make this industry go, and you need something that will be reliable for many years to come. It should be chosen for the place where your pipes will be installed, and you may have these devices custom-made for your company when needed.

Why Do You Need Special Equipment?

Pipe handling equipment is used to move large pipes from place to another, to tip up these pipes for a large construction project, or to replace pipes in the system. You can purchase from a large range of gear, and you should work with someone who will let you know how to use each piece of equipment to your advantage.

Which Items Are You Buying?

You are choosing from:

  • Power catwalk
  • Bridge crane racker
  • Vertical racker
  • X-Y racker
  • Tubular vertical to horizontal
  • Stinger

This list helps you understand what you are buying for these things, and you must ensure that you have chosen a device that works best in your situation. There are many situations that you can use each of these devices, and they are explained below.

What Is A Power Catwalk?

A power catwalk is any device that will move the pipes safely from one place to another. In most instances, you are moving pipes to the drill press floor, and you need to know that you can install the catwalk safely. When you buy a power catwalk, you need to find something that is long enough for your facility. Some people have issues with the length of their catwalk because they do not know how long the catwalks are. You can order a catwalk that seems to be the right size for you, or you might choose a catwalk that is custom-made for your facility. When you can get your pipes to the drill press floor safely, you can do much better work.

Bridge Crane Racker

The bridge crane racker has a special clamp that will easily move your pipes from the outside of the drilling area to the center. You get a special safety pin that will help you lock in the pipe, and you should use the bridge crane ranker in tight spaces where you are moving pipes in and out. You can move to the center of the drilling area, but you can also move pipes away from the center of the drilling area.

Vertical Crane Racker

The vertical crane racker uses a mechanical arm to move items up and down in the drilling area. You often need to add pipe as you are drilling, and you can set up the vertical racker to move these items into the drilling area. Most people who are setting up their drilling system need to automate this device so that they can keep the operator free from distraction.

The vertical crane racker has a mechanical arm and safety pin. The mechanical arm will attach to a new pipe quickly move into the drilling area, and add the pipe. You do not need to worry about safely with these devices because they are set up to avoid damage if there is a collision in the drilling area.

The vertical trolley will move up and down the drilling area to quickly put all your pipes in the right place. If you have any questions about how to set up the trolley and arm, you may need to order a custom device. A custom device that you have purchased will fit your rig, help you move at the right pace, and work with the pipes that you use every day.

X-Y Racker

The X-Y racker allows you to set up pipe movement when the rest of the system is offline. The racker is Installed above the derrick, and it has a mechanical arm that can bring pipes into place or move them out of place. This racket is useful when you are moving excess pipe when the system is offline, or you could start feeding the system for testing. If you are buying an X-Y racker, you need to find an operator who can manage this device for you while other vices in the system are doing most of the work.

The X-Y racker supports other items in the site, such as the catwalk and bridge crane racker. You can move pipe in and out of the area with no trouble, and you should ensure that you have found a racker that is the right size for your facility. If you are using an X-Y racker, you can move faster when trying to feed pipe into the drilling area. However, there are some systems that will not work very well when you are using the X-Y racker. Make sure that you can fit this item into your system because they do not always fit.

Tubular Vertical to Horizontal

Drill pipes, collars, and casing can be moved in and out of the drilling area without any trouble at all if you have chosen to use the THV. The THV can move some of these smaller items out of the area and away from the area at the same time. Someone who would like to make their system more efficient should use just this device to get items in and out of the drilling area. If you are using a vertical crane racker, you can feed that racker with this device. However, you need to see if you can fit one of these rockers into your system. Not all oil production system can use a THV.


The Stinger is a fast and automated device that can be used to build up pipes and racks while you are in the process of drilling. You can use the robotic arms to build up any part of the system that you like, and you should use the Stinger when you want to increase production. Someone who is designing a system needs to check the size of the Stinger they have bought, find catwalks and rackets that will work with the Stinger, and ensure that the Stinger is powered properly.

Read And Order Online

You can read and order online easily. There is a lot of information on these devices that you need to see before you make a purchase. Plus, you need to ensure that your items have been ordered for the best price. You can get something that is much cheaper than normal if you are shopping for the right items. No one using all these items at the same time to manage their pipe and drilling area. In stead, you need to choose the devices that best suit your situation.

You can compare prices when you are shopping online, and you need to ensure that you have chosen something that you know you an operate on your own. Someone who is new to buying this equipment might need to write up their entire design before making one of these major purchases.


The pipe equipment that you install in your oil refinery or rig should be used to ensure that you have the very workflow, safety standards, and products. You need to get something that you can automate, and you need to choose devices that make your machines more efficient. You can check out these items online, order them quickly, and start upgrading your drilling system.

Where To Get Custom Equipment

You can try the pipe handling equipment you have found at Entro Industries, or you might want to order custom equipment that is useful for your staff as they work on oil rigs and in refineries.

Entro Industries
3601 NE John Olsen Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124
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Custom Pipe Handling Rigs

While the majority of rigging firms would love to have the capability to design and manufacture their equipment on-site, this often isn’t feasible, which also extends to other companies that require heavy machinery. This means that they’ll need to outsource the process to another firm, which can often be located hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. This naturally requires the hiring of a heavy machinery transport company. Though many firms will have to rely on them extensively to operate effectively moving forward, they many often not know what to look for when hiring one, which is especially true for newer organizations.

While many people may believe that hiring a heavy machinery transport company may be similar to finding any other form of delivery company, there are some obvious differences. These can often make the decision making process much more overwhelming, which is further compounded by a lack of awareness in what to look for when making a choice. Because of how vital the decision can be to your operations, being informed about what to look for before you hire a firm is mandatory.

This means that you’ll need to do an extensive amount of research before contacting any transportation company, which will then help to narrow your choices. After this, it can be crucial to speak with representatives of each company to get an overall sense of how they operate, as well as how much it may cost to hire them. Outside of price, however, many people may not realize what they should consider and ask about during this process. While you may have a few specific things that you’ll want to discuss already, there should be a few areas that you should look at during the hiring process that you may not have thought about.

heavy equipment moving

Logistics of Heavy Equipment Moving

Logistics is perhaps the first thing that many rigging companies will think about, there are more factors to this than you may have thought about. This is primarily because there can be quite a difference between moving one or two pieces of machinery and delivering all of the equipment that you might need to begin operations. You’ll first need to consider the number of parts that you’ll need to have transported and how large each of these are, which is something that becomes increasingly more complex with every piece of machinery that you add.

This means that you’ll need to pay a significant amount of attention to the firm’s logistics, as it can have a domino effect on a few other areas. For example, if a transportation company only can move have of your parts at a time, then the process will take twice as long to complete compared to a firm that can move everything at once. This means that your plant will experience much more downtime, which will naturally affect your overall production and profits.

While you shouldn’t want to rush the process, for various reasons, transporting your parts also shouldn’t take longer than necessary. Speaking with the company about their logistics can help you get a general idea of how long the delivery will take.

What capabilities they have also plays a large part in this, regardless of how large their fleet is. This is primarily because different trucks and other vehicles can carry various load sizes and weights. While the majority of firms will be able to handle a substantial amount of weight, they do have their limits, which is something that you’ll need to be informed about before you hire them. This can be quite a simple part of the process, although it’s not something that should be overlooked. As such, you should know how heavy each of your machine parts are and whether or not the transportation company will be able to carry such a load.

Experienced Moving Companies

After logistics, how experienced a heavy machinery transportation company is can be one of the more prominent factors that you should look at during the decision making process. Naturally, this is because more experienced firms will be much more capable at transporting your parts than relatively new ones. However, this doesn’t mean that younger firms should automatically be ruled out; instead, you should look at the overall experience of their workforce, as they’ll be better adept at lifting and moving machinery.

This means that they’ll be less likely to make any mistakes during the transportation process, which should put your mind at ease when you’re hiring them. There can be quite a significant amount of time and training needed for someone to become skilled enough to properly transport heavy machinery, which is something that can be vital to look for when making a decision. After all, even a simple mistake can end up being costly for you, both in terms of the finances needed to repair the equipment and the downtime that will be required to do so.

When you’re researching a firm, it can be vital to find reviews from their previous clients, which can provide a significant amount of insight into the quality of their service. This is something that can be tied directly into how experienced the firm is, as the better-skilled employees are means that they’ll have better reviews; because of that, you’ll be able to base part of your decision on what these past customers are saying.

Licensing & Insurance

Licensing and insurance are perhaps the first things that you should look at when choosing a heavy machinery transport company. This is primarily because it lends a significant amount of trust onto them before you’ve even had a chance to speak to them. The majority of states require each of these companies to undergo a significant amount of procedures before they become certified to do business, which also extends to each of their employees.

This means that the more certificates they have, the more adept they will be at doing their job, which should help to put your mind at ease. Should they only have the basic certificates, then you may want to opt for a different company that has more, as it means that they’ll be able to offer much more security.

Insurance also plays a considerable part in this, as it helps to cover the cost of any accidents that may occur. While these rarely happen, they can be quite costly if they do happen, which is something that the majority of us will want to avoid. Insurance will cover the cost of this, although this can depend significantly on what kind of coverage they have, as well as how large their policy is. This means that you’ll need to speak with the firm about the level of their insurance policy to ensure that you’ll be covered if any mistakes happen.

Safety Rating & Carefulness

When dealing with any moving company, especially with heavy machinery, safety is paramount. This means that you’ll need to pay a significant amount of attention to the safety rating of any company that you may hire. There are a few areas that you’ll need to consider here, with the safety and security of the equipment you’re purchasing being one of the more prominent. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only area that you’ll need to look at, as the safety of their employees is also paramount.

This means that you’ll need to assess any safety measures that they have in place for their employees. While many of us will know the obvious examples of proper gear and attire, they should have a variety of procedures in place to guarantee safety. The more extensive these measures are, the better, as they ensure that there shouldn’t be any accidents during the manufacturing and delivery of the machinery that you’re having created and transported.

This should also extend to how careful each of the company’s workers is, which is primarily driven by the fact that much of the equipment you’re having transported can be quite sensitive. This means that any small mistake can have a prominent effect on how well this equipment operates once it’s installed. After all, if parts of your rigging equipment are off by even one degree, then it could completely disrupt your operations. Adding in how expensive the parts may be means that they can often be too valuable to have damaged en-route. While insurance may cover the cost of fixing or replacing the equipment, this could often mean stalling your operations, which will have a high financial cost.

Professional Equipment Movers

Formed in 1994, Entro Incorporated holds a considerable amount of experience in engineering and manufacturing to both commercial and API quality requirements. Each of the company’s products are designed and created in an API 4F certified facility. This history, combined with the company’s passion for the industry, ensures that each of the products that it designs are to a high standard and manufactured to customer specifications and requirements.

Aside from its manufacturing expertise, Entro Incorporated holds a significant amount of experience in the field services niche, helping to securely and efficiently assist with rig moves and set up. This also includes project management, field surveys, machining, and training, among others.

Entro Industries
3601 NE John Olsen Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503) 356-8888

Heavy Equipment Moving Company

Register for our FREE Contractor Marketing training here

Register for our FREE Contractor Marketing Training here


It’s the first of the year and here at DIY Contractor Marketing we know a lot of you out there have big growth goals that you want to hit and we want to give you the knowledge you need to help you reach those goals. In this blog were going to give you growth hacks that you can implement in your business in 2019 for explosive business and customer growth.

First, you want to start by improving what you already have – a website. If you don’t have a website, you need to get one ASAP- check out the rest of our website for help on this. First and foremost you are going to want to improve your website conversion rate. When going through your own website try to act as though you are a potential customer seeing it for the first time. Go through with a fine-toothed comb and ask yourself “If I knew nothing about myself, would I convert?”

Here are some quick tips on how to get someone to convert faster and grow your business:

Load Speed:

Typically, if a website takes longer than 5 seconds to load consumers will bounce out of your website. If you reflect on your internet searches we’re sure you can recognize this. A fast loading speed is critical in keeping potential customers on your site. Aside from that, website load speed is a ranking factor for Google. If your page loads slowly and isn’t seen as user-friendly, you will get knocked down in Google’s search results.

Clear and Concise Messaging:

A lot of businesses in their home-page have a lot of jumbled messaging. They may have blog posts and other things, but what you really want to have on your site is clear and concise messaging- especially on your home page. Your home page should act as a big sales page. Essentially it should have three things: what you offer, how’s it going to make your customers life better, and how can they purchase it. As for a call to action, nothing is worse than when you’re comparing competitors and you find one you really like and they don’t have a clear call to action. Either they don’t have one, don’t have one that can be found easily, or it is a small phone number or inquiry form hidden in a corner somewhere. If you want to convert customers you need to make your call to action clear and in plain sight. Ideally, you will have 2-3 call to action buttons placed strategically in different places on your site. This includes placing a clear call to action at the bottom of every blog post and miscellaneous site pages.

Display Past Successful Projects:

Definitely display past projects on your site. Make sure you (or someone else) are taking the time to take photos, and videos if applicable, of projects and have them displayed prominently on your site. In addition you should also be including happy customer testimonials. Potential clients want to see that you’ve worked with customers in the past and that they’ve been satisfied and happy with the work you provided.

Join Networking Groups:  

Now, a lot of you out there may be resistant about doing this. Networking is truly one of the best ways to grow your business quickly. Of all the online marketing we’ve done for clients, if someone had to grow their business today or very quickly, one of the best things they can do is just get out in the public. A lot of times what a potential customer needs in order to do business with you is they need to know they can trust you. Establishing that relationship purely via the internet can be very challenging. Some examples of the networking groups you could engage in are your local chamber of commerce, BNI (Business Network International), your local rotary or simply going to a website like meetup.com and searching for your industry or industries that are similar. You could potentially get clients from these when you get out there and meet people, give out your business card, etc.

Improve Your Online Reputation:

When was the last time you Googled your business? If you haven’t done that before, then as soon as you’re done reading this blog Google yourself and you may find something that you didn’t know is stopping customers from converting. An example of this could be that there’s a fake fraud report, maybe someone went to an obscure home service site that you didn’t set up and then left you a one star review, or maybe you haven’t paid attention to your Google Business listing and you’ve got negative reviews piled up, or you haven’t responded to negative reviews in an attempt to eradicate them. So really you need to be guarding your online reputation. Take a look at it and see what you can do to try and improve it in any way possible.

Streamline The Sales Process:

One of our favorite hacks to share with contractors is how to use online tools to try to streamline the sales process. If you really want to grow your business, it’s not gonna work to just have contracts written here and there and occasionally get them signed. You need an actual checklist and process to get these contracts to the client, get them signed, billed, and their balance paid. You then need to get all of that info into QuickBooks and organized for the tax man at the end of the year. One of our favorite online tools is a thing called PandaDoc. PandaDoc is an online document program that you can create agreements and contracts for different clients on. It works great and keeps everything available to you at all times. Another company favorite is FreshBooks. A lot of our billing goes through FreshBooks – it covers everything that you need for the billing processes, follow-ups, automatic billing, and more. You can also integrate FreshBooks with QuickBooks to really streamline the whole process. So you’ve got PandaDoc where your client will actually receive/view the agreement. You send that to the client via email, they sign it and you get a notification back saying the contract was viewed/signed and you automatically have it in your possession. One of the best parts of this process is it reduces the chances of losing a piece of paper causing you to look bad and scrambling to find/get the info needed to move forward.

Utilize Targeted Local Ad Campaign(s):

The reason that local ads work so well is that you can really dial in on who your potential customer base is. There are a lot of different ways you can identify/pick your target audience, but to keep it simple we’ll say this – if you went out there and really thought about who you’re doing the most business with, you could narrow it down into a pretty small range. It is probably people that are anywhere from 35 to 70 years old, and likely someone that lives within five miles of where you do business. Essentially you figure out who your customer is, the geography they’re coming from and then you run a Facebook ad, a Google PPC ad, or even a website banner ad to the specific group of people. What’s so powerful about a targeted campaign is your ad spend is a lot lower. Because you have narrowed down, and know who your target market is, you’re not just advertising to everyone. Your advertising to a specific person that has the highest chance of converting to a potential customer.

For more info on how to grow your Contracting business click here

Are you a contractor looking to grow your business? If so, this blog is for you. This post will go over 5 simple tips to help improve your contracting company website and get your construction business, new clients. Most contractors out there don’t put a lot of importance on their website, and website content. We want to show you why it is important, and five simple things you can do to help improve your website traffic and conversion rates so that when customers do visit, they have the highest possible chance of converting into paying clients and you can grow your business.

5 Tips for Contractor’s Website

1. Having a Mobile Friendly Contractor’s Website

A mobile-friendly site is a website that looks and performs great on any mobile device and loads quickly. Why is a mobile friendly website so important? Two things. The first being user experience. More than fifty percent of people are now searching for things on their mobile devices. So if someone goes to your website and is looking around and text is running off the screen, or they have to zoom in because the website shrank everything down to make it fit on mobile, that is not a good user experience and definitely not mobile-friendly. If necessary, enlist a web developer, or web designer because if a user has a bad experience, they are more than likely to bounce out of your website and not visit again. On top of that, having a mobile-friendly website is a ranking factor on Google. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will literally push you down in Googles search rankings. Overall not having a mobile-friendly website greatly reduces your chances of being found.

Another mobile-friendly site factor is loading speed. A fast-loading website is huge. Again, it’s a two-factor issue. In Google’s eyes, if your website hits a threshold of not loading fast enough or is not a responsive website, they are going to push you down in rankings for keywords, and won’t make your site available to be found via random search because you do not offer a good user experience. And to be honest, nobody wants to use a site that loads forever. If you go to a website you can almost guarantee that if the site hasn’t fully loaded in about five seconds, you’re gone.

In the end, you want to give anyone who visits your site the best possible user experience, and we want to develop websites that are Google friendly so we can guarantee that when people search keywords that convert best for our business, we appear in the top rankings.

   2. How to Have Clear and Concise Messaging on Your Contractor’s Website

Having a site with clear and concise messaging means your website is acting as a landing page and a sales page in one. Essentially you want someone to come to your site and easily be able to figure out what you offer, the benefits of what you offer, how’s it gonna make their life better and how they can purchase it from you. Although there are other things you may want to include on your homepage you want to make sure you are not straying too far off topic and pushing your website visitors away. This is why it is important to use clear and concise messaging in order to convert more visitors into paying clients.

3. Showcase Successful Past Construction Projects

Most people that visit your website don’t necessarily know you, they haven’t met you in the streets, and they likely haven’t physically seen your work, so they’re going to need to be able to trust that you can deliver the service they need. One great way to build trust with potential customers is through showing your projects, and essentially showing what you do. If I’m looking for a new home and I’m coming to your website, I’m going to want to see that you do new construction. If you’ve got lots of pictures, reviews and testimonials of people saying and showing new homes that you’ve built for them, that’s building trust with website visitors versus if they came to your website looking for new construction information and you only have projects of roofing and siding. Additionally, photos show the quality of your work and can act as a testimonial to the kind of work that you do. If you’re only showing some, or irrelevant projects, visitors could get the impression that you may not offer new construction and could potentially move on to your competitor. You can also include links to your social profiles. You shouldn’t focus too much on social media marketing and social media management (other than keeping business info up to date and accurate) but it is a good way to get content and video/picture proof out there.

4. Providing Social Proof of Your Construction Work 

Social proof can be a few different things. Essentially, social proof is happy customer testimonials that can come in the form of a message, picture, video, a review, etc. It is critical that testimonials are displayed prominently on your home page. This goes back to building trust with potential customers and showcasing the work and services that you offer. If someone is visiting your site because they are interested in a new home and they see reviews from other people you have built homes for, they are more likely to convert into a customer. In order to provide these testimonials, some businesses will create fake reviews. Now, fake reviews can be ok as a filler but if your page is full of them it is usually pretty easy to see through. It is important to be careful when using those as to not put off any potential clients. When it comes down to it, the business with good customer testimonials will always appear more desirable. Get a bad review? If you don’t already, implement reputation management and ensure your team is trained on how to rectify any situation with an unhappy customer.

5. Showcasing Contracting Awards and Certifications

Going back to building trust and credibility with website visitors, you can do so by clearly presenting any awards and certifications you may have. This could be anything from showing that you’re CCP licensed, registered with the BBB (better business bureau), or that you’re certified in a specialty field. Aside from building trust with potential customers, verified or trusted links help build trust with Google. When Google (and other search engines) see that you’re a legit site with trusted links, they will boost your ratings and you will show up higher in search listings.

If you found this blog, and these tips helpful go ahead and follow the link below to not only go over your website but your Google My Business listing and all other types of marketing that can help your company grow. Click the link below to get access to this FREE training – we’ll see ya on the other side!