Pipe handling equipment is needed for oil rigs, oil platforms, and oil refineries. You need gear that can move the massive pipes that make this industry go, and you need something that will be reliable for many years to come. It should be chosen for the place where your pipes will be installed, and you […]

While the majority of rigging firms would love to have the capability to design and manufacture their equipment on-site, this often isn’t feasible, which also extends to other companies that require heavy machinery. This means that they’ll need to outsource the process to another firm, which can often be located hundreds, if not thousands of […]

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It’s the first of the year and here at DIY Contractor Marketing we know a lot of you out there have big growth goals that you want to hit and we want to give you the knowledge you need to help you reach those goals. In this blog were going to give you growth hacks […]

Are you a contractor looking to grow your business? If so, this blog is for you. This post will go over 5 simple tips to help improve your contracting company website and get your construction business, new clients. Most contractors out there don’t put a lot of importance on their website, and website content. We […]